Investment Management

Strategic. Targeted. Comprehensive. Personal.

At Monticello Wealth Management, we are committed to helping you make smart decisions about your wealth to maximize its benefits. With this in mind, we design your portfolio and strive to give you the highest probability of achieving your goals with a suitable amount of risk. Our investment approach is based on decades of data, analysis, and research. While we embrace the science and utilize the most advanced technology, we overlay it all with your specific risk and return expectations to develop a distinctive, long-term approach we call “Asset Class Investing.”

With Asset Class Investing:

Let Markets Work for You
Over time, markets have significantly outperformed inflation. Instead of trying to beat the market, Asset Class Investing lets the long-term growth potential of global markets work for you.

Invest for the Long-Term
A long-term perspective is one of the most important factors in portfolio success. Investors often experience powerful emotions when markets move up and down, and those emotions can get in their way. That’s why we use the latest behavioral research to help you make better decisions and stay on track.

Manage Risks
We can’t eliminate risk, but we can manage it through our prudent approach:

  • Diversify broadly to reduce company-specific risk
  • Invest in high-quality and very liquid equity securities
  • Use a combination of asset classes to diminish volatility

Retirement Plans

Monticello Wealth Management also offers a comprehensive range of retirement plan solutions, including 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, and many other qualified plan types. We provide the options you and your business need, and the guidance you deserve.